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Bite-sized tasks that pack a lot of punch. Weekly data-driven SEO insights for busy, fast-growing companies.

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Creating Content Editors
Researching terms to use in your content
Picking best low-hanging fruits
Finding best topics to write about
Getting internal links suggestions
Preparing briefs for writers
Tell all your friends about your favorite seo tool
Missing keywords
Interna link opportunities
Content to create
topical authority
content gap
low hanging fruits
semantic SEO
AI content
Creating Content Editors
Researching terms to use in your content
Picking best low-hanging fruits
Preparing briefs for writers
Interna link opportunities
Getting internal links suggestions

Use Surfer’s AI-generated tasks to enhance your SEO strategy

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Add 7 missing keywords to "SEO for beginners: What’s the best SEO tool?"
Find keywords with the highest-ranking potential
Learn how to optimize your content for SEO
Get relevant internal links suggestions
Write and publish an article about strategic interview questions to ask candidates
Get new tasks every week. Automatically.
Climb in rankings with Surfer’s AI.

All-in-One SEO Growth Management Tool

Receive personalized recommendations designed to maximize your SEO efforts through content, keywords and internal links.

How does it work?

Connect Google Search Console and choose your domain

This is how Grow Flow is able to monitor and evaluate your website. It provides the most accurate data.

Get personalized tasks and insights delivered to you every week

These tasks are based on the findings from GSC, and are designed to be impactful and targeted.

Complete the tasks and watch your website climb the SERPs

It’s now easier than ever to interpret the data and take action. Work smarter and with fewer distractions.

Not convinced, yet?

See what users say about GROW FLOW

Tom Drake
founder & writer @MapleMoney
Financial Analyst

Grow Flow boosted my organic traffic by an average of 100%. I tested Grow in beta on 30 articles in the finance niche and I'm beyond impressed with these numbers. After following Grow Flow's suggested tasks and reindexing, one article jumped from 300 to almost 2100 monthly views!

Michał Kukliński
Marketing Director @Habza Finanse

Grow Flow's suggested tasks lead to 10k more visitors, and 200k more impressions--organically! We applied these suggestions to 100 articles while testing Grow Flow in Q1 2022, and I'm glad we did! The tasks may be small, but the outcome is massive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Surfer subscription required to use Grow Flow?

Yes - in order to use any paid add-ons, including Grow Flow, you need an active Surfer subscription (any plan). Plan Max has one Grow Flow domain already included in the subscription.

Is it possible to connect multiple domains (websites) to Grow Flow?

Yes! You can purchase and connect as many domains (websites) to Grow Flow as you want. For more information, please see our Pricing.

Can I use Grow Flow without a Google Search Console?

No. Your domain must be connected to your Google Search Console to work with Grow Flow.

How does Grow Flow use AI?

Grow Flow harnesses the power of AI in a variety of ways. For example, when creating topic clustering and identifying content gaps in your domain.

What languages does Surfer support?

Surfer works with most languages! A full list of supported languages is available in our Knowledge Base.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit and debit cards (monthly & yearly subscriptions), and bank transfers (yearly subscriptions only). We do not support PayPal payments.

Does Grow Flow cost extra money?

One Grow Flow domain is included in the Max plan. For any other plan, Grow Flow is considered a paid add-on and costs $9 per domain. For more information, please see our Pricing.

Can I use Grow Flow for brand-new websites?

No, Grow Flow requires data insights from your Google Search Console. At a minimum your website needs to be earning >100 impressions daily.

Can I switch which domain is connected to Grow Flow?

Please contact the Surfer Support Team for assistance in removing a domain. New domains can be purchased and added by yourself via your Surfer dashboard.

How does Surfer work?

Surfer is a Content Intelligence solution that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process – to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue.It uses NLP solutions, machine learning, an analysis of over 500 web signals, and more. All guidelines are real-time, competition-based, and Google-compliant.

With all the research done for you by Keyword Research and Content Editor letting you know how to best optimize your article, you’ll free hours of your time. To close the loop, Audit and Grow Flow add-ons will help you monitor, manage, and improve your content process, regardless if you work alone or in a big team. For even more in-depth SEO data, be sure to add the SERP Analyzer add-on to your toolset!

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Who uses Surfer?

Surfer is used by agencies, in-house teams and individuals who want to power-up their content marketing strategy and skyrocket organic traffic from their blogs. Surfer community grows every day and currently includes 18 645+ customers from 159+ countries, and over 233 422 active users. Among them are well-known brands, such as: Jasper, FedEx, ClickUp, Lenovo, Opera, Square, Shopify, FreshBooks and, hopefully, you! 🤞