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Create ready-to-rank articles in minutes with cutting-edge technology from Surfer. Surfer AI allows you to research, write and optimize with the click of a button.

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It doesn’t just generate articles, it generates traffic.

How it works

4 steps. 1 amazing article.


Choose your keyword and let Surfer AI analyze competitors and research the topic for you. 


Customize your article before generating: select tone of voice, adjust competitors, and review the outline.


Once generated, read and refine your article. Review the tone, add images, and enrich the final version with links.


Publish, start ranking and watch the traffic pour in

pure magic

Surfer AI works for you while you walk a dog

Modern content managers work smarter with Surfer AI.


Faster than the average writer


Average time when article is ready for review


Cheaper than the average writing agency

3 processes in 1 click

Create content with ease

Forget about researching topics, creating briefs, and answering lots of questions. Surfer AI will do all that for you in minutes.

automated content workflow

Manage your time & save money

SEO copywriters charge hundreds of dollars for articles. Surfer AI costs $29 per article, works 24/7, and never misses a deadline.

trusted and reliable system

Generate organic traffic. Consistently.

Improve the company’s visibility and drive more traffic to your website with content tailored to your audience.

and much more…

Tone of Voice

Make your articles sound witty, friendly or professional with a single click. Not sure what will work best with your audience? Not a problem! Use the SERP-based tone option and our AI will automatically detect what worked best for top ranking pages 🕵️

Anti-AI detection

Working with a particularly picky or traditional client who's anti-AI? Don't worry! Turn the Anti-AI detection ON and any worries OFF. It’s that simple! 🤩

Review the Outline

Forget tedious research and writer’s block. Simply review and adjust the AI-generated article outline to tailor the final article to your business’ unique needs in a few keystrokes ✨

Organic Competitors

No one understands your niche like you do. Select your most relevant organic competitors to tailor the tool’s recommendations and suggestions! No fluff, only insights you can actually use. 

Insert Links

Prepare a list of URLs you want Surfer AI to include in your article and let it take care of the rest! Surfer AI will insert the links in the most relevant places for you, saving you even more time and precious mental energy 👌

Insert Images

Imagine how much time you will save with a tool that generates articles AND automatically inserts unique, contextual images with ready-to-use SEO descriptions for you… now, stop imagining, because this feature is coming to Surfer AI soon 😉

Ask Surfy...

It’s still a secret, but we can tell you one thing: Surfy will be the AI BFF you’ll surely fall in love with! 😍

not convinced yet?

Here's what our customers say about using Surfer AI

"Surfer's one-click-content is a game changer for the SEO industry. I've worked with AI content tools in the past, but nothing comes close to the output quality I'm getting here. "
Taylor Kimball
Founder & Lead SEO @ Terasurf
"Most AI tools don't optimize for search intent and SEO, but Surfer AI does that. That's why I fell in love with it. Surfer AI combines article creation and optimization, which makes it one of (if not the most) effective AI tools out there."
Elmeri Palokangas
Blogger at AIMailWriter
"I've been using the Surfer AI content writing tool for a few weeks now and I'm absolutely blown away by its ability to generate high-quality content in just a matter of minutes. It is game-changing."
Milosz Krasiński
"After trying Surfer AI, we parted ways with 3 of our worst content writers costing $300-$500 per post due to minimal quality difference. With Surfer AI, editing takes 2 hours, as opposed to a week and $400 for sub-par content."
Emilia Korczynska
Head of Marketing @ Userpilot
"Combining the power of Surfers core tools and our processes, add in the Surfer AI writing tools, we have not only increased our output 10 fold, but we're consistently achieving exceptional rankings on posts after indexing, even in competitive markets."
Jono Farrington

Supercharge your content creation with tailored AI pricing packages

Choose from a variety of options that fit your needs and budget. Take advantage of cost savings by purchasing credits in bulk!

Want to give Surfer AI a spin? Start small with one, two, or three articles!
10 Credits ✨
$29 saved
Have a small cluster to cover? That's a great package to do so!
25 Credits ✨
$87 saved
Opt for our expanded package and generate AI-powered content for a wider range of articles.
50 Credits ✨
$232 saved
Dive into extensive package for a higher volume of articles.
100 Credits ✨
$522 saved
Embrace maximum efficiency with the ultimate package for high-volume content generation.

*To use Surfer AI you need an active Surfer subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need an active Surfer subscription to use Surfer AI?

Yes, you need an active Surfer subscription (any plan), as well as active Surfer AI credit pool. You can purchase Surfer AI credits in packages or one by one - the choice is yours!

How does Surfer AI work? What is it based on?

The tool combines NLP solutions, machine learning, an analysis of over 500 web signals, and SERP analysis with the capabilities of several generative AI models (GPT 4 in 32k version, among others) to create unique content that answers the user intent and ranks high. All guidelines are real-time, competition-based, and Google-compliant.

How is Surfer AI different from other tools?

Most other tools offer a lot of customization options for users to put together a prompt for OpenAI’s API. Effectively, this makes them yet another GPT layer.

Surfer AI uses our own proprietary algorithm. It optimizes the entire article based on chosen keywords and the SERPs to make sure the article answers the user’s search intent. It also provides you with an option to customize the article outline and tone of voice, as well as activate the anti-AI detection boost prior to generating the article. Soon, you will be also able to automaticallyinclude URLs (internal and external), such as links to your related articles or trusted resource pages (e.g. factual reports, government pages, and any other online sources of your choice).

As a result, Surfer AI covers any topic better than the competitors and generates articles that rank—all that with a minimum effort on your side.

What languages does Surfer AI support?

For now, only English. We don’t have a timeline for additional languages yet, but we don’t rule out expanding in the future.

Is AI content aligned with Google Search's guidelines?

Yes. Google rewards high-quality content regardless of how it's produced. In their own words: "Automation has long been used in publishing to create useful content. AI can assist with and generate useful content in exciting new ways."

Appropriate use of AI or automation is not against Google’s guidelines. As long as your content is of high quality, tailored to your audience, and not made primarily to manipulate search rankings (check out Google’s spam policies for more details on what to avoid), any AI-generated content won’t be penalized solely on the basis of being AI-detectable. Source.

Is there a risk of duplicate content for Google if everyone starts publishing AI-generated content?

With Surfer - absolutely no! :) Surfer doesn’t just prompt the AI with a keyword. With each request for a new article, we use an up-to-date analysis of current top competitors for your specific keyword, enhance this with the personalized tone of voice, custom article outline and only then pair it with AI to produce the best possible content for your audience.

How can I purchase Surfer AI credits?

Organization Owner can purchase additional credits in-app at any given time.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit and debit cards (monthly & yearly subscriptions), and bank transfers (yearly subscriptions only). We do not support PayPal payments.