The official certification program

Add some ‘special sauce’ to your CV by becoming a Certified Surfer Expert

You’ve used Surfer, and you know it works. You’re not new to this, you’re true to this. You've surfed your way to the “green zone” on more than one occasion. You can navigate the Content Editor with your eyes closed. You use Surfer for yourself and for your clients.

There’s only one thing missing:

An official certificate to show potential customers or employers what you know to be true: you are a Surfer Expert.

Prove your advanced knowledge of Surfer to your potential clients or boss by acing the exam at the end of the course. You’ll receive a custom certificate and a Linkedin badge to show off your Surfer skills.

Why Get Certified?

Stand Out

By adding ‘Surfer Expert’ to your résumé, you put yourself in the unique position of being proficient in one of the most in-demand and highly respected on-page SEO optimization tools on the market. This is the very first time we’ve offered an official skills test, so you’ll be one of the first to sport an accredited Surfer Certification.

Polish your skills

When was the last time you sat down and reviewed advanced SEO techniques? In a world where SEO is constantly evolving, you cannot afford not to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. This free + concise exam will help you do just that!

Impress your employer and clients

With over 10,000 teams that use Surfer worldwide, Surfer is very quickly becoming a household name. If you want a simple way to validate your skills, take this exam and add the certification to your CV or company website. We’re not saying it speaks for itself, but… it’ll certainly add tangible value to your résumé or site.

Join the Surfer Writers Directory Today!

Get paid to create SEO-friendly blog posts, landing pages or product descriptions by collaborating with one of over 50,000 Surfer users and clients. No hidden fees, just an ever-growing database of potential customers looking for SEO solutions from talented, Surfer-certified content creators like YOU!

The Certification Process

1. Watch the videos. (Or don’t, and go straight to the quiz! Up to you!)
2. Pass the exam.
3. Complete the practical activation task.
4. Download your free, personalized certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the exam?

The exam part should take no more than 30 minutes, although we recommend working at your own pace. There is also a practical task which will require you to write a text inside the Content Editor. Since some people work faster than others, we can’t estimate how long it will take you. 

How many points do I need to get to pass the exam?

24/28 which equals ~85%. 

What are the rules for practical tasks?

The task is: Write a piece of content – on a topic of your choice, and in any language – within Surfer’s Content Editor. Requirements: a) min. 1500 words; b) unique; c) make sense; d) min. 67 Content Score. 

Do I have to watch the SEO Writing Masterclass to take the skills test?

Nope! There are folks who have been using Surfer for years who would rather skip the course, and try the exam! Keep in mind however, that you’ll need to get at least 24 out of 28 to pass, and you can only take the exam once in 24 hours. 

What happens after I pass?

You can add ‘Surfer Certified' to your CV or Linkedin profile, download the certificate with your name on it, and of course, brag to all your friends!

When will I get my certificate?

We will do our best to verify your responses and the activation task as soon as possible. It shouldn’t take us longer than one working week.