10x Your Content Team’s Productivity with Surfer’s SEO Writing Course

Catapult your content strategy into the future of SEO with Surfer’s all-in-one, AI-backed and user-friendly content creation platform.

Use this SEO content writing course as an all-level introduction to Surfer and SEO; all the while, optimizing your on-boarding process.

This SEO Writing Masterclass is an invaluable resource for both content managers, and writers alike.

This unique and dynamic SEO writing course provides you with over 19 lessons covering a range of SEO-related topics such as search intent, NLP (natural language processing), keyword research & evaluation, competitors analysis and many more.

It also serves as an in-depth look at Surfer’s platform and SEO content writing by those who know it best!

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll not only be certified in Surfer, you’ll confidently be able to implement what you’ve learned to refresh your content marketing strategy.

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Surfer: 360 Content Strategy.

An AI-backed content creation platform that evolves as quickly as SEO itself.

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AI-Backed Keyword Research

Finding great keywords is hard work. When you chase the keywords out of your reach, your pages will never rank in the top ten. Learn how to track down keywords that are within your reach and will bring you the biggest ROI.

Post-Publishing Optimization

Your job is only getting started after you hit ‘publish’. We’ll teach you how to audit your previously published articles, measure your progress, and give you actionable steps to take to optimize your content after it’s been published.

Natural Language Processing

The fundamental goal of communication is to be understood. Knowing which words and phrases to use–and where to place them–will ensure that both Google, and your target audience, enjoy your content. We’ll share little-known insights to enable you to navigate Google’s algorithm with confidence and ease.

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

How can you compete if you don’t fully understand who you’re in the game with? We’ll teach you how to determine the industry leaders in your sector using Surfer’s cutting-edge tools, what factors are relevant when making comparisons, and how to apply this data to the SERPs. We like a data-backed home court advantage, don’t you?

Stress-Free Content Strategy

Long gone are the days of grueling, mind-numbing strategy sessions. Learn how to use Surfer to create relevant content clusters, and take the guesswork out of your content strategy. Gather hundreds of main and supporting page ideas in minutes to establish yourself as an authority in your respective sector.

Efficient Outline Creation

The best writers will agree that creating an outline to organize your ideas, plan your headings, and answer all the main points is fundamental. That said, the outline creation process can be a real drag. We’ll show you how to use our AI-generated outline builder to ensure that every topic + heading you include is relevant and perfectly aligned with your SEO goals.

The ONLY official course to help you certify Surfer knowledge

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to pass the only official Surfer skills test, and be able to call yourself proficient in Surfer.

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30 Experts’ knowledge.

2 collaborators.

1 spectacularly dynamic course.

At Surfer, our mission is to help marketing agencies and content creators to increase their organic traffic, boost their overall productivity, measure their results, and skyrocket their ROI.

We do this by bringing a variety of multi-disciplinary professionals across cultures to dream, build, test and create.

Over 10,000 teams use Surfer to write top-ranking, high-quality content.

Surfer offers dozens of languages and operates in almost every country.

Data doesn’t lie.

Surfer has been helping content marketers double and triple their organic traffic with its ever-evolving, data-backed, cutting-edge software.

This course condenses this powerful tool and 30+ experts’ knowledge into 3 concise modules.

What's inside


20 videos


module 1

The Foundation

A brief overview of what you’ll learn in this course, and best practices.

Video 1: Welcome to Surfer's SEO Writing Masterclass v. 2.0

module 2

Organize, Write + Optimize

We’ll take you through the three most fundamental stages of writing: the Discovery Phase, the Writing Phase, and lastly, the Optimization Phase. 

Video 2: Welcome to "The Discovery Phase"

Video 3: The Discovery Phase: What is search intent? 

Video 4: The Discovery Phase: Targeted Keyword Research + Evaluation 

Video 5:The Discovery Phase: The Importance of Outline Building 

Video 6: The Discovery Phase: What is NLP, and why does it matter? 

Video 7: The Discovery Phase: Content Creation for the 5 Stages of Awareness 

 Video 8: The Writing Phase: Your A to Z SEO Checklist

Video 9: The Writing Phase: How to make the most of Surfer's AI-backed Content Editor

Video 10: The Writing Phase: Everything you've ever wanted to know about LINKS!

Video 11: The Writing Phase: Let's get META! How to make the most of meta descriptions 

Video 12: The Writing Phase: The Psychology behind a Stellar CTA

Video 13: The Optimization Phase: So, you've hit publish...now what? 

Video 14: The Optimization Phase: Evaluate your content's success post-publish in seconds with Surfer's Audit tool 

Video 15: The Optimization Phase: Bonus! Get your free Post-Publish Optimization Template 

module 3

Above and Beyond

This module is our gift to you. Apart from everything you’ve learned in Module 2, we’d like to answer some of your most frequent questions, discuss some of our favorite tools and share some fumbles (+ lessons learned) with you too!

Video 16: You've got questions, we've got answers: Surfer FAQs!

Video 17:  5 SEO Mistake Everyone Makes (and you should avoid) 

Video 18: 8 Must-Have Tools in your SEO Arsenal


Module 4: Implementation 

You’ve just about finished the course, now it’s time to take everything you’ve learned, and go out into the world of SEO (again). Here’s how to apply what you’ve learned! 

Video 19: What’s next? + Special offer for graduates!

Video 20: How to become ‘Surfer Certified’?

Meet Your Collaborators

Tomasz Niezgoda

Marketing Executive and Partner at Surfer, responsible for incorporating and executing marketing strategies. Tomasz is passionate about SEO, product marketing and video production. Over the last 5 years, he has consulted hundreds of content teams, and helped them succeed in SEO. Apart from work, he’s interested in geopolitics, energetics, business, and travels.

Danni Roseman

Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter at Surfer. Danni is a lover of the written word, and its power to unite, teach and reform. She takes a uniquely holistic approach to content marketing combining her over 13 years’ writing and editing experience to create content that has reached people in over 150 countries. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Gifs, Danni is passionate about language in all its forms. When Danni is not baking vegan desserts, you can find her lovingly annoying her dogs, floofing her giant hair, or with her nose in a book.

Who is this SEO Writing Masterclass for?

Content Managers who want to speed up their onboarding process

This course is packaged in a neat, engaging and concise way so that you can share it with your team of writers, and focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business! Streamline your briefing + onboarding with this SEO Writing Masterclass, and save yourself at least 8 hours of answering the usual round of questions like: “How to use Surfer”,“What is NLP?” and “Why does Google hate me!?”

Writers who want to write SEO-optimized content, and need metrics to measure their success

If you’re a writer who simply wants to write, but not write for an empty room; this course will show you how to both predict, and measure, your success. Yes, SEO is a science, but you don’t need a degree in engineering in order to seamlessly navigate Surfer.

Focus on creating, and let our algorithms do the rest. Surfer is the antidote to writer’s block.

Freelancers who want to up their quantity, without sacrificing quality

How long would it take you to research your keywords, develop an internal linking strategy, create an outline to organize your ideas, and then write 3k words? Now, how many 3,000-word articles do you need to produce to pay for a month of Netflix, or your car insurance or maybe, a fancy dinner at your fave restaurant? The life of a freelancer is busy, busy, busy and time is very literally money. This course will help you produce high-quality content in a fraction of the time, which will allow you to then take on more projects (and add extra guac to your burrito!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete SEO newbie. Is this course for me?

Yup! All levels are welcome! While we will not discuss every single aspect of SEO, this Masterclass is a great introduction to the SEO world. We use plain language and stay away from the jargon to make the knowledge easy to absorb. It was written by a writer with writers in mind.

I already know on-page SEO. Will I learn anything new?

Totally! This course can be viewed as stand-alone videos or all together. You’re welcome to focus on the lessons you feel will provide the most value. A big part of the course is about work automation, optimization process, techniques to make the most of Surfer as a tool and advanced concepts like Google Natural Language Processing.

How much is this course? 

It’s FREE!

How long will it take me to finish the course?

We don’t want you to speed through all the lessons! If you really want to squeeze the most value out of this Masterclass, it should take you around 8 hours.